The math subject is one of the most difficult subjects that we ever had encounter in our entire education. Its subtopics are quite very challenging and yet have practical application in life. Furthermore, mathematics does not stop when graduate from all our studies, we use math every day at work, at home and even when we are driving. Mathematics has surrounded us and we can’t get away with it and perhaps there is nothing to fear about it but something to learn from it. Recently, a new game called math calculator is developed in order to give math a new identity, a new perspective which we will use to look at the math subject. Since this application is designed at a game, there would be no pressure in learning math at all.


A Math Application Just for Fun

Addition is one of the most common mathematical methods we used on a daily basis and so this application was designed because of such need. Math calculator is the name of the app and it’s a game app not really a calculator per se. However, this calculator gives us simple addition rubric which allows us to think and make some simple calculation in our mind for the correct answer. Basically, the principle behind the game is that it stimulates you to solve simple arithmetic problems with you brain and not really use the calculator to formulate the answer.

Initially, you will be taken to the start-up page and you will see the start button displayed at the bottom part of the page and in order to begin the game, you have to click the start button. Once you have the game started, it will make a countdown from three to one before giving you an addition rubric. This will give you time to compose yourself and be ready for the question at the end of the countdown. All you have to do is to think of the answer and click on the corresponding number or numbers that represents your answer or provide the value which the problem is looking for.

Furthermore, when a problem is given, you are only given a few seconds to answer that because if you are unable to answer the question then you cannot move to another question. A correct answer is the key to moving on to another question. So you really have to think accurate as fast as you can so you can move on with the game.

As mentioned earlier, the application is a game so expect this to be fun and exciting for everyone as well as a great learning experience for those who have difficulty with the addition. Overtime, once you get comfortable with the game, adding numbers will be easy for you to do and you will not be distraught and be discouraged with how difficult math is. Instead, with the aid of math calculator, you will eventually learn to love math and get better and better at it. nevertheless, at the beginning of the game you will really have difficulty with it and can be a bit frustrating but if you continue to challenge yourself and think positive things about you will be learning a lot about math especially addition.